Meet the teacher

Learn a little more about me & how I teach my children.

Meet the teacher

Do I teach my kids? No. I believe in my heart that God is the teacher of us all. God works through me daily.

I have found that as my oldest daughter grows that I learn along with her. My biggest fear was and well still is at times that I won't know enough to teach her. But so far I am shocked at what I do know, what I learn while reading to her and also at times what she knows! lol There will be times I will tell her, "I am not sure but . . . " then she will correct me! lol Usually it is facts about animals. That is more up her alley than mine.

My school day

This is kind of what our typical school day is. We are all late sleepers but I tend to make sure we are up and moving around by 9:30am at the latest. I like to start school by 10am.

My girls & I will usually eat breakfast then gather laundry. I'll start a load and if my 5yr old son isn't awake I'll get him up and settled before lessons.

My 5yr old son lately isn't wanting to join us for school. He enjoys having the living room to himself while his sisters have school. He'll do anything from watching tv (I know some families don't allow tv, but we are just not that kind of family. We've tried, but well we enjoy tv), play computer games or play with his toys.

The girls & I start each morning with devotions. We read from Keys for kids. My girls will look up the daily bible verse in their bible. I'll help my youngest daughter who is 7 find hers. Then my oldest daughter & I will take turns reading the verses. Next I'll read the devotion then we'll talk about it. Next I try to apply it to their life.

After bible is copy work. We follow the Charlotte Mason method. The girls copy bible verses and quotes each day.

After that my oldest daughter does the rest of her lessons on her own. I let her pick which ones she wants to do and I look over her work after she is done. If she reads something she will narrate back to me what she has read. She is almost 11 and enjoys being in charge of her own work.

Kaylee who is 7 needs more help from mom. She'll sit next to me. My girls are following the curriculum from An Old-Fashioned Education. It is based on the Charlotte Mason method. So each of my girls has stories to read each day. I read the stories out loud to my 7yr old. Also there are a few  stories that I read out loud for my 1oyr old  too.

Both girls enjoy workbooks. I never did so they must get that from their dad. lol So they also do some workbooks for like handwriting, math, science & English.

While my girls work on their own I'll tend to laundry, give my 5yr old some hugs, take time to care for my needs, start lunch or supper and stuff like that. I am always near by if they need help.

Just recently we've started Note booking. It is like scrap booking but the kids put their own school work in it. I let my kids pick the topic they want to work on.

We usually finish school around 1pm. If we still have some work to cover we'll start back around 2pm.

After school is done we'll finish up daily chores and then it is time to rest from the day. I don't go shopping with all 3 kids. That is just to much for me. So any shopping that must be done is done as a family. So no running errands for us. lol

I usually get time to relax around 4pm or so.

That's my day . . .

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