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An Old-fashioned Education

This website has changed my life! Back in November I was getting tired of our current curriculum. I was using a unit study and I got tired of dreading the days we had to read a lot of pages. My 7yr old couldn't understand the story, she was bored and well so was I.

I started looking around online the first week of December and just happened to come across "An Old fashioned Education." Right way I knew it was what I was looking for.

Years before when I had homeschool burn out during my first few months of homeschooling I found tons of free books from the well the "Little House on the Prairie" days. I loved how simple the books were, how friendly they were and also that most of them brought God back into the classroom. I did a lot of searching and printed out a bunch of the books. But still it was just to much for me.

Later I tried "Ambleside Online" for awhile but all the required reading was just to much for my oldest who was then 7 & 8 plus I had two toddlers at the time.

But "An Old Fashion Education" has brought all the books together in one spot, has a great full curriculum plus a wonderful support group. We love it!

I also love that when my kids don't enjoy the book they are reading for one subject I can just hop over to the website, pick a book for Science and find one that my child will enjoy.

The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project

I can't say enough about this website. It is full of great books from long ago. We come to this site all the time.

You can browse the site by authors, books or stories. Also by subject.

It is easy to also make the sight more to your preference. This works great for copy & pasting the texts into Word or something so you can easily print it out.

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